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  November 10th, 2005  



A new section has been opened exploring the world of Doctor Who Collectibles big thanks goes to Bernie Fishnotes for kicking the section off in style.
Several new covers have been added into the Doctor Who Magazines section, the most recent additions come from the ever talented Cameron Mason.
The site also should have a slightly easier to navigate lay out. However, I think a whole new version of the site needs to be done....especially if I ever learn Flash.


  October 16th, 2005  



While I admit I am still far from having a perfect site, And the front page still requires massive scrolling, I am happy to announce that the site has had a major overhaul of almost all pages. Navigation should now make things a lot less painless to find.


  Sept 27th, 2005  



The amazing and lovely Cameron Mason added several new magazines covers to the DWM Page!!!.

He also sent in a fantastic 7th Doctor cover! So The 7th Doctor page is open for business!!

Thanks again to the brilliant and lovely Cameron Mason!


  Sept 19th, 2005  



I added several new magazines covers to the new DWM dedicated page that lives here.

I also created another image that doesn't fit the Doctor Who theme but fits into vintage sci-fi....umm...sorta.


  August 31st, 2005  



I added a new DWM cover to the new DWM dedicated page that lives here.


  August 30th, 2005  



Bernie Fishnotes has done it again!!! Creating fabulous new style Dustbin images for the site! You can see these on the guide site here
And in the the newest guide entry here.


There are so many DWM covers that I decided to remove them from the Non-Fiction section and create a new Doctor Who Magazine section here
Cheers Cameron Masion and again to Bernie!!
Thanks guys!


  July 22nd, 2005  



Welp, I've always had a dream of making a sci-fi film.
I've been doing various tests to see if this is even possible with the equipment I have laying around
Here is my first outing!
(Even those on dial up should be able to d/l the film)


  July 10th, 2005  


Doctor Who Magazine - Peri Special

At long last the cover for the infamous DWM Peri Special is featured on the Non-Fiction Covers Section of the website.
Amazing thanks to the incredible Bernie Fishnotes, for scanning the magazine in for the site.
His fabulous website with many more DWM covers is here!

Doctor Who Magazine - New Ninth Doctor Look

For those readers who have not been able to see a Doctor Who Magazine recently, I scanned in DWM 352 and added it to the Non-Fiction Covers Section of the website.


  June 25th, 2005  



Veteran Who archivist Chris Rednour has scanned in the classic illustrations for chapters 7, 8, and 9 of the original release of An Unruly Child!!!
These chapters are now presented as they were originally intended by the authors BEFORE they were brought before her majesty's court on charges of gross obscenity!
The hard workers of are proud to present THE UNRULY CHILD!

And the NOT SO HARD WORKER of, promises to complete his transcription of the final chapters asap!


  June 23rd, 2005  



I have summaries up for the first two episodes of the new series of Doctor Who!
I also found a cool BEHIND THE SCENES books at my local bookstore, and I have scanned in the front cover. I HEAVILY RECOMMEND IT!
See the new summaries here
You can click the link next to the episode 2 summary to see the book cover, or you can hunt it down on the Nonfiction cover archive! It should be second from the top!


  April 21st, 2005  



I have added a text archive of all the programme guide entries tried to make it easier to find all the covers using the archive. Test drive the beta release here


I have a few covers which I have lost all historical documentation on -- including WHO did them!!!!!!!!
If you think it might be you or you might know who made them...please let me know!!!!!
View the new page here


  April 9th, 2005  


New Section Added!

The amazing Bernie Fishnotes dug up a collection of screen caps from an episode of Doctor Mysterio!
There is now a link on the main page to an article about this rich and amazing branch of the Doctor WHo mythos.
You can skip right to it by clicking here

Last few entries!

The Nitro9 archive site is temporarily down. So in the meantime you can catch up with the latest entries here - Episode 1 Of the New Series
First New Adventure I Chose To Examine
Last episode of classic series


  January 30th, 2005  


Classic Series Ended

I have just posted Serial 7P on usenet, rec.arts.drwho and rec.arts.drwho.moderated
It's been an insanely long journey, nearly 7 years of working on it on and off.
I plan to continue on to the TVM, the New Series, and a few strange stops on the way.
I just wanted to let everyone know that it's been a pleasure writing it
But a true joy knowing that people are actually reading the damned thing!
Serial 7P should be added to the Guide archive at some point, and I'll throw up a notice when that happens. There is also a link back to this website in the programme guide entry, pointing to an image done by the great Bernie Fishnotes!


  January 11th, 2005  


WOW! I mean....WOW....Like...WOW..okay?

Mark Pilbeam is a god.
One of his images is now at the frontpage of my website. That one and another are also on my art page.
Usually I say something...but I'm just stunned. WOW!


  DECEMBER 18th, 2004  



I, Charles Daniels, got slightly bored and decided to scan a random DWM cover for my website. Just to sort of illustrate what the magazine was like back in 1995. You can view it here, it's about the third image down from the top.

I plan to be INSANELY busy and have no free time at all between Christmas and New Year, but I am making vague promises to myself that a new, cool, section will be added to my site soon, so...we'll see how that goes!


  DECEMBER 11th, 2004  



The brave Bernie Fishnotes has once again risked injury, humiliation, and potential imprisonment to bring me a rare treat.
He has secured for me something almost unknown and unheard of in the western world and brought me joy beyond my humblest imaginings....but enough about the vaguely illegal japanese porn he got me for Christmas.
He ALSO tracked down a rare promotional poster from the 3rd Doctor era, which you can only see by Clicking here and then scrolling to the very end of the page.
Thank you Bernie! You are my hero.


  DECEMBER 4th, 2004  



The 6th Doctor Page has been officially launched. The first cover uncovered has been by hard working researcher Chris Rednour and is a rare cover for the very first 6th Doctor adventure!
Click here


  NOVEMBER 18th, 2004  


I've Been Busy!

Hi everyone! I don't know if anyone will ever read this, but hey if you are, here's the low down. I recently moved 6,000 miles and started a new job and all that crap, so I've been busy. I've been able to write some programme guide entries. I'm on Slyvester McCoy now.
I need to totally re-design this site. I have a design in mind that is way better than this monster of a website. It's just a serious overhaul. Sort of have to nuke all my handwritten HTML and will probably re-write all my new html by hand...because I'm a control freak or something I guess.
Anyway, always looking for talented artists!! So, if that's you, CONTACT ME!


  MAY 28th, 2004  


Rare Find Made In Discount Bin of Bookstore!

Charles Daniels recently found a very rare book in the bargin bin at a book store called Eros And Company, Adult Games And Toys. He has decided to share his find here The first thumbnail on this page. Charles isn't sure what the story is behind the book, or the publishing company, but says he's going to start - "investigating" this matter "thoroughly".


  MAY 5th, 2004  



Archivist Chris Rednour has provided the long sought after Japanese verion of the Doctor Who classic Earthshag!!! Re-written as Planet Sex, this illustrated adventure is just astounding!
Doctor Who as it was meant to be!

The front cover of the book is near the bottom of the page here.

The illustrations are here.

An interview with the Japanese author is here!.
Thanks Chris!! I'm sure to have interesting dreams tonight!


  MAY 4th, 2004  



Charles Daniels has decided that the controversy has finally died down enough to post the cover of the book he translated from Japanese into English.
As far as Charles knows this is the first time an original japanese novel has been translated!
Scroll to the VERY BOTTOM of the page to see it.

To be fair and balanced, Charles has included a critical article about this history of this book
an article supportive of the book's true nature


  MAY 2nd, 2004  



The amazing Andrew Orton has tracked down my favorite of the Doctor Who educational series of books!


  MAY 1st, 2004  



The outstanding Andrew Orton has joined the team of dedicated researchers - leaving no semi-legitimate adult book store unexplored in a QUEST for rare Doctor Who books. The cover for Mammries of FIRE has FINALLY been unearthed!!! This is a great day! My eyes swell with tears of joy. See it here - MAMMARIES OF FIRE! And if you click now, you will even see an AMAZING SCREEN CAP FROM THE STORY ITSELF!


Finn Clark has returned from the most dangerous place on earth - his personal library. He has returned not only with tales of strange cannibal priests, and battle scars that are a testimony to the harsh life or death struggles that are a constant reality in that part of his home, but also he has emerged VICTORIOUS, letting us see for the first time, the TARGET novelization cover for - ERECTION OF THE DUSTBINS!


  FEBRUARY 14th, 2004  



Results here


  FEBRUARY 14th, 2004  



Vote on the best stuff on the site and get the opportunity for prizes!
Read the details Here!
Vote at

Easy OnLine Form Here


  FEBRUARY 4th, 2004  



A rare "pop-art" style cover was discovered in a remote second-handbook store out in the wilds of the Amazon...well, something like that. Archivist Chris Rednour has provided the long sought after cover to The Enema of the World.

This is a real treat. The last time I saw one of these it was being burnt on a bonfire -- in my crazy days as a religious zealot.


  FEBRUARY 3rd, 2004  



Umm the last few days have been a total blur. In fact I'm so busy I'm just cutting and pasting the last entry again. I've been looking at covers and adding them, and never quite getting around to updating the news page. I'm going to have to go through and see which covers I've forgotten about and add those later. There were uncountable amounts of covers coming in from multiple people.... AGAIN

Here's what I can remember for sure -

Some new covers were added on the Fifth Doctor page. Thanks to Finn Clark.

A new "pop-art" Dominatrix cover was sent in by Chris Rednour.

Wraith added a cover for The Gin Fighters.

To make a long story short the site is now swimming in some great new material!
Thanks for reading this. There's a lot of great new stuff out there. GO WILD!


  FEBRUARY 1st, 2004  



Umm the last few days have been a total blur. I've been looking at covers and adding them, and never quite getting around to updating the news page. I'm going to have to go through and see which covers I've forgotten about and add those later. There were uncountable amounts of covers coming in from multiple people.

Here's what I can remember for sure -

Some new covers were added on the Fourth Doctor page.

A WHOLE NEW SECTION for covers was created for more risque material, which I've nicknamed as being Behind the Green door, or basically The Wank Games

I added a new cover or two myself on Fifth Doctor Page and Non-Fiction Page

To make a long story short the site is now swimming in some great new material, mostly from Finn Clark and The Wraith. Also I've added a few pieces myself -- and I hope to improve with each new piece I do.
Thanks for reading this. There's a lot of great new stuff out there. GO WILD!


  DECEMBER 25, 2003  



If you like the alternative programme guide you might really enjoy my other project SITFUSO! A sketch comedy show influenced by Monty Python, The Goon Show, and yes even a touch of Doctor Who found it's way into episode a surreal homage to the Daleks. Please check it out! SITFUSO!




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