Planet Sex (Japanese Earthshag) - Page 1 of 3

(wakuseibouji aka Wakusei)

3 Pages of Illustrations (thanks to Chris Rednour for the scans!)
Now With English Captions by
Charles Daniels


Joe, handsome space hero of the stars, recieves a haunting premonition of his horrific death, as Space Princess Nyssa provides psychic inducing fellatio. Joe just wanted the lottery numbers -- he is shocked, yet DETERMINED.

Joe describes the feelings - the joy and terrors of the oral pleasuring of the space princess. Joe tells the Doctor every detail, as the Doctor is examined by Tegan The SUPER Nurse Of Time! The examination is needlessly long and elaborate - and great funtime is had by all.

Joe and the Doctor fight an evil faceless robot when they arrive on Earth! The robot, Cyberman JX01, has a super-ray-laser-resistant body!

The robots come from OMINOUS BLACK DOME OF DEATH!!!!!
It is very creepy.

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