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The Second Doctor

Season 4 episodes

   Code   Title                    
    EE    Power Vac Of The Dustbins    
    FF    The High Philanderers           
    GG    The Jimmy Carter Menace     
    HH    The Loonbase *                     [Covers]
    JJ    The Macrame Terror                 [Covers]
    KK    The Feckless Ones          
    LL    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Of The Dustbins

Season 5 episodes

   Code   Title                    
    MM    The Room of the Cybermen   [Covers]
    NN    The Adorable Teletubbies   [Covers] 
    OO    The Ice Cream Vendors          
    PP    The Enema of the World     [Covers]
    QQ    The Tub of Cute                      [naughty]
    RR    Furry And Deep        
    SS    The Sheep In Spandex       [Covers]

Season 6 episodes

   Code   Title                 
    TT    The Dominatrix          [Covers]  
    UU    The Mind Shagger        [Covers]   
    VV    The Evasion              
    WW    The Protons             [Covers]  
    XX    The Spoons of Death     [Covers]         
    YY    The Spice Pirates       [Covers]  
    ZZ    The Wank Games                       [naughty]      

The presence of a "*" next to a story title indicates that it is illustrated or includes images.